Social Reflecting

What is social reflecting?

Social Reflecting is a conversational space in which individuals explore and reflect with each other their personal responses to a variety of global and social phenomena. It is a space in which to voice what one feels and thinks; but more: it is a space in which to find out what one feels and thinks through explorative conversation with others.

Social Reflecting is a forum with no particular political agenda. The intention of these conversations is not to masquerade as a form of therapy - individual or social, nor is it in order to end up with a ‘plan of action’. Rather, the invitation is to attend to and speak from one’s day to day experience, that is, from one’s subjectivity, in regards to the theme under discussion.

Generally, most of us do not know where we stand on these huge issues, nor do we have expert knowledge on these matters. Nevertheless we are affected by them in our day to day lives, and the way we live our lives has an impact on these global themes. Mostly we are the bewildered and bemused.
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The notion of Social Reflecting draws its inspiration from the Group Analysis as conceived of by S.H.Foulkes.

At the heart of Group Analysis is the idea that human beings are fundamentally social beings, who live and work in groups with other people. On the basis of these and other ideas he pioneered a particular form of unstructured, free-floating conversation in which participants are encouraged to speak about their thoughts and feelings, their dreams and difficulties, as well as to engage with and associate freely to others and their stories; the intention being that through this process participants would find out more about themselves and their relationships with others.

Although his primary interest was in developing a form of group therapy, the methodology has come to be used in other settings (for example organizations), and in a number of different ways, for example in a form of large group discussion called the Median Group, in Social Dreaming, as well as it being used as a general method of inquiry - the method being the conversation itself.
General format of each workshop:

There will be two sessions (each of one and a quarter hours duration), with a half an hour break between them. The informal spaces (the time before the workshop begins and the break between the sessions) are opportunities for participants to meet and get to know each other.

Arrivals and registration: 30 minutes prior to start.
Session  1  1 ¼ hours
Break          1/2 hour. Refreshments provided.
Session 2   1 ¼ hours

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