Why choose group psychotherapy?

The principles of analytic group therapy

However solitary a person might seem, the reality is that every individual has always lived, and continues to live in groups of people: from the families we are born into, to the schools we attend, and the workplaces we end up in.  All of one's life's difficulties can be thought of as difficulties arising in negotiating our relationships with other people.

The sources of problems that individuals encounter in their personal life and at work, are to be found not only in the dynamics of the groupings that they inhabit in the present, but also in the groups that they grew up in - the family, friendship groups, schooling and so on.

On the basis of this S.H Foulkes, the founder of group analytic psychotherapy, reasoned that as one’s difficulties arise in groups, then these difficulties are best explored, understood and addressed specifically in a group context.

At the heart of the work is the idea that human beings are fundamentally social beings, who spend their lives with other people in one way or another.

Group therapy is a particularly productive way of exploring personal difficulties in order to make changes at a fundamental level. Many people find that the group setting provides a richer experience than one to one therapy. 

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