Farhad Dalal started out at a school teacher, working for fourteen years in comprehensive schools in East London. He completed two trainings in psychotherapy, the first in 1985 in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and then as a Group Analyst in 1991. He gained his PhD in 2001. He is a training group analyst and supervisor for the IGA. He has had an extensive psychotherapy and supervision practice for over twenty five years, initially in London, and then Devon. He started South Devon Psychotherapy and Counselling Services with Angelika Golz in 2005.

For several years he was a Fellow at Hertfordshire University's Business School, where he was a faculty member on a doctoral programme. He also works with organizations and teams. Over the years his work has included: consulting, reflective practice groups, crisis intervention, coaching, training, and non-managerial supervision.
He has written extensively and been invited to give keynote lectures at many British and international conferences, including the USA, Australia, Norway, and elsewhere.
In his first book Taking the Group Seriously he argues against individualism and for the relational nature of human life. His second, Race, Colour and the Processes of Racialization focuses on the causes of the hatred of Others in general and racism in particular. His latest book Thought Paralysis: The Virtues of Discrimination, is a constructive critique of the Equality movements.
Angelika Gölz began working therapeutically with people whilst studying ‘Social Education’ in Berlin in the early 1970’s. Her first role was counsellor to parents at a Family Therapy Centre. 

In 1977 she came to England to study Biodynamic Psychotherapy at the Gerda Boyesen Centre, a form of therapy working directly with the body. For several years Angelika taught at the Gerda Boysen Centre and as visiting teacher at training courses in Germany.  Her deep interest in the relational aspects of the work led her towards a more psychoanalytic approach, where the psychotherapeutic relationship is seen as the container for all that is explored. This led her eventually to study Group Analysis with Group Analysis South West (Bristol). She qualified in 2003 and is now also a Member of the Institute of Group Analysis (London). 

Angelika’s work has included consultation to teams in crisis, supervision to mental health teams, and also supervision to people working with individuals, groups, and training courses.
She teaches regularly on the clinical psychology doctorate program in Plymouth University, and also on other psychotherapy courses. She also worked with outpatient groups in the NHS for over 12 years.
Our professional network consists of experienced practitioners specialising in a range of fields. They include, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, child and adolescent psychotherapists, family therapists, art therapists, music therapists, couple therapists, as well as other group analysts, psychotherapists and counsellors.

We are able to call on their skills and make referrals to them when appropriate.
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