Group therapy helps with the same sets of issues that individual therapy is helpful for.

General Themes
Therapy is helpful in addressing problems and issues that might seem unfocussed, for example feeling depressed or anxious, feeling empty or lonely. It might relate to a general dissatisfaction with life. It might have something to do with life losing its sense of purpose and meaning.

Personal Growth
Some people come into therapy, not because of particular problems, but in order to understand themselves more deeply.

Emotional Crises
Psychotherapy has been found to be helpful to people who suddenly find themselves in an emotional crisis, having experienced some traumatic event, or a loss of some kind: the death of someone close, the  end of a relationship, the loss of a job, and so on.

Therapy is helpful for those who are having difficulties with relationships, either in their families, with their spouses, with friends, or with work colleagues. They might find it difficult to express their thoughts, feelings and needs, and so feel unsatisfied in relationships. Therapy has been known to be helpful to those who find themselves isolated and have difficulty in establishing relationships

Identity and Difference
Therapy has helped those dealing with difficulties arising through negotiating, and coming to terms, with any number of differences: for example, issues of ethnicity, culture or 'race'; issues around sexual orientation; gender, and so on.

Specific Issues
Psychotherapy has also helped those suffering from specific issues, including depression, stress, low self esteem, eating disorders, anxieties and phobias.

What kinds of things does group therapy help with?

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