The Strangeness of Strangers  - A Saturday Workshop

The Vicissitudes of Belonging

What is the basis of the anxieties and fears generated by the presence of strangers in our midst? Are they realistic or expressions of racism? Are strangers strange or do we estrange them? What and where is home?

These questions are posed in the context of the current world climate consisting of globalization, cosmopolitanism and hybridity, where we are increasingly enjoined to ‘embrace and celebrate difference’. At the same time the experience of many continues to be one of feeling affronted by ‘them’; of fear; of feeling anxious and threatened; of loss of identity; of being exploited by the strangers called immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Meanwhile, the experience of those designated as strangers is often one of being treated with undeserved hostility, contempt and certainly not being made to feel at home.

What light can the thinking derived from psychoanalytic and group analytic paradigms shed on the situations in which we find ourselves?

The workshop will use a mixture of talks, reflection, simulation and group discussion to explore these dilemmas.
Convenors: Farhad Dalal, Sue Einhorn, & Angelika Golz
Saturday, June 8, 2013.
10am to 4.30pm
Venue: Totnes
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