An experiential weekend event for anyone interested in finding out more about group analytic psychotherapy.
Venue: Totnes; Cost: £110 (early bird before March 1, £100)              
Next Event: March 22, 23, 2013
Friday  6pm to 9.30pm (light supper provided);  Saturday   9am to 4.45pm
Convenors: Angelika Golz & Farhad Dalal
Who is it for?
This is an experiential workshop for anyone
who is interested to find out more about
group psychotherapy.

This workshop can be a 'taster', to see if
you would like to emabark on a longer term
group therapy for yourself.

It will also be of interest to professionals
who are working with groups and wish to
find out more about the principles and
practice of group analytic psychotherapy -
perhaps in order to see if they would like to
embark on a training at some point in the

What is the structure?
The intention of the workshop is to
give you an experience of group

To this end you will spend most of the
time in small group sessions.

Each session is one and a half hours
long, and will be facilitated by a group

There will be two group sessions on
Friday evening, and four more on the
Saturday. One session on the
Saturday will be devoted to telling you
a little more about the theory behind
the practice.
What happens in the group?
These groups are unstructured. In other words
there is no formal turn taking, 'checking in',
and so on. Nor does the group therapist start
the group by making a suggestion as to what
the group should focus on.

Instead, the group members are invited to
speak when they feel so moved to, about
whatever is in the forefront of their mind - be it
something that happened with their spouse, or
boss, or the waiter. They might speak about
what troubles them, or a dream they had. or
about events from a long time ago. They might
also speak about what is happening for them
in relation to others in the here and now of the

Participants are encouraged to speak to each
other as freely as they are able, with their
responses, thoughts and associations.
The therapist's task is, in part, to facilitatate
the group process, to help work through
difficulties and obstacles in communication,
and to work towards building a trusting

Please apply for a place on the workshop by email using the link below.

Please let us know a little about yourself, any past group experiences, and why you
are interested in taking part in this workshop.
Find out more about groups, visit our group website

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