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How does group analytic psychotherapy work?

• Groups meet on a regular weekly basis with a group therapist. Each group session is one and a half hours long. Some groups meet regularly once a week, and other groups meet regularly twice a week for a more intensive experience.

• Group membership is limited to a maximum of 7 participants.

• These groups are on-going and called 'slow open' groups. 'Open' means that each group member leaves in their own time, and new members join the already established group when a suitable vacancy occurs. 'Slow' indicates that the turnover of peole is infrequent.

• Group analytic psychotherapy is a long term therapy. Participants are invited to make an initial commitment of a year; however, it is usual for members to remain in the group for much longer.

• The group space is an unstructured space in which participants are encouraged to speak about their lives, their difficulties, aspirations, thoughts, feelings and dreams, as well as to engage with and respond freely to others and their stories.

• Safeguards: Group members should not know each other in their day to day lives; they are encouraged not to meet each other outside the group setting; strict confidentiality is maintained regarding the exchanges that take place within the group.

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Group Psychotherapy in Totnes & Exeter